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The GHL Grand Villavicencio Hotel is a hotel located in Carrera 39 C in Villavicencio, the "Door to the Plains" of Colombia, and one of the places with the greatest cultural tradition and strongest folklore in the country. A region with stunning natural beauty and delicious cuisine, it is also one of the most rapidly emerging local economies.

The hotel is located within the Llanocentro business development, just 15 minutes from La Vanguardia Airport in what is known as the capital of Meta and the cradle of the plains culture in Colombia.

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Located in one of the best residential areas of the city, close to the most exclusive shopping centers, boutiques, parks and green areas...

Carrera 39C No 19C 15 Villavicencio, Colombia
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Touristic attractions

  • La Vanguardia Airport  GHl Grand Villavicencio Villavicencio

    La Vanguardia Airport

  • Transport Terminal  GHl Grand Villavicencio Villavicencio

    Transport Terminal

  • Llano Centro Shopping Center  GHl Grand Villavicencio Villavicencio

    Llano Centro Shopping Center

  • Villacentro Shopping Centre  GHl Grand Villavicencio Villavicencio

    Villacentro Shopping Centre

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